Our Business

Since the establishment in 1996, we have been successfully providing both standalone and distributed systems plan, design & development through various platforms especially to medical, manufacturing and transport sectors using ICT and RFID technologies to achieve client confidence.

Software Development

We have developed the issuance of patient ID card, the return visit system of JMA-RECEIPT and the electronic chart system of non-bed clinic.

 Orcard plus  Issuance of patient ID card & Return visit system of JMA-RECEIPT
 Wave chart  The electronic chart system which supported a tablet PC for non-bed clinic.

System Service

We have performed the administration support of Bus fare collection system and Admission fee collection system in the Asian market.

 ICT Ticket Service - Bus Fare collection system

In Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, we have been working in the automation of the fare collection system of bus which is citizen's transportation. Traffic jam, Dhaka is a serious problem indeed in first or second place in the world due to rapid economic growth. At present, we have introduced the ICT ticket system using the IC card to state bus company.

 Hospital Gate Service - Admission fee collection system

This operation has started by receiving inquiry from the person working for medical institute, who appreciated the benefits of ICT Ticket system for bus operation. Outdoor patients and visitors of hospitalized patients are required to pay 10Tk for admission fee. Previously, the gates of the hospital were handling this admission fee with cash. In Jan. 2010, IC system is implemented for the purpose of controlling fee collection.

 Hospital Parking Service - Parking fee collection system

Large general hospital with Parking in Bangladesh is collect parking fees from passengers in the parking. 

We have carried out an IC for issuing tickets to passengers.

Currently, parking fee collection system are operated on two hospitals.

 About JICA Project - JICA Technical Cooperation Project

ICT System implementation project for Dhaka City metropolitan transportation fare system.

Pilot Project Schedule


Current condition analysis, selection of pilot route, operation plan development

 Jan. 2012

Procurement and setting of materials and equipments, manual development,
introductory training

 Apr. 2012

1st phase pilot route, system implementation and monitoring

 Jul. 2012

2nd phase pilot route, system implementation and monitoring

 Nov. 2012

Summary and analysis of pilot research results

 Dec. 2012

Final report for pilot project operation

Mid-term reporting of the 1st pilot project(Set. 2012)

IC Card
IC Card
Project term # of IC Cards sold
Feb. - Sep. 2012 18,000

Inspection Support of Bangladesh

Using the 'know how' we had accumulated, we'll support to target the companies to try to enter the BOP business and sale of their products in Bangladesh.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.